Top 5 Vegetables to Incarnate your Health

Health requires healthy food. Roger Williams

In strive of Health Incarnation one of the most important thing is healthy diet and vegetables are most essential part of healthy diet. This article is about the Top 5 Vegetable which are very important for the attaining a healthy body. These vegetables have significant positive impact on Human health. Vegetables are rich sources of Vitamins, Minerals, Dietary Fibres, etc.

Vegetables is a must to have for those who are starving for balanced diet received directly from nature. Vegetables are equally important for preventing bad health, curing health issue or maintaining good health. So in any case we need not to forget the importance of Vegetables in our daily diet regime.

We must add a significant portion of vegetables to diet based upon the individual nutritious requirement, taste, availability & preferences. Each Vegetable has some unique nutritious importance and generally they are not having any side effects if taken in appropriate quantities. Special attention is required in case where vegetables are taken for curing some bad health situation.

Below we have shared Top 5 Vegetables for attaining, maintaining Healthy body. Each vegetable in itself is very important & helpful. There have been several researches done globally on each one of the below shared Vegetable & significant positive impact has been seen with each one of the shared vegetable.

These Vegetables are recommended based upon the relevance of each one for Human Health & also the availability of the Vegetables globally. Again, re- emphasizing that it is strongly recommended to have Vegetables as a part of our daily diet in appropriate quantities based upon the body conditions & requirements.

Top 5 Vegetables


Spinach is powerful leafy plant from the Amaranthaceae family, Spinach can be consumed as Raw leafs, boiled or cooked. This vegetable is really magical & can do wonders to Human health if consumed in appropriate quantities.

Nutritious Value – 
Spinach Is A Very Rich Source Of Iron, Which Improves Red Blood Cells Ability To Transport Oxygen Around The Body & Energy Generation. 
Spinach Also Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Protein, Minerals, Calcium And Antioxidants.

Some Benefits of Spinach are: 

Aid in Digestion – Spinach being rich in fibre & water, help in the digestive process. 
Treat Anemia – Spinach are useful in treating anemia since they are a rich source of iron. Other Benefits are Diabetes Control, Blood Pressure Control, Weight loss, Skin Care.


Broccoli is large flowering head of Cabbage family and often called as super veggie.  Broccoli can be consumed raw with salad or boiled, but recently it is found that boiled Broccoli has better health benefits compared to raw.

Nutritious Value – 
Broccoli Is A Rich Source Of Protein & Fibre And Low On Carbs.  Broccoli Has Various Essential Vitamins & Minerals, Especially Vitamin C & Vitamin K.

Some Benefits of Broccoli are: 

Broccoli lowers the cholesterol level by blinding the bile acids & hence promotes reduced levels of cholesterol, eventually prevents risk factor for heart disease. 
Broccoli detoxifies body, improves digestive system, boosts immunity, and improves hair, skin.

Green Peas

Green peas, or “garden peas,” are the small, spherical seeds that come from pods. Green Peas have been part of the human diet for hundreds of years and are consumed all over the world.

Nutritious Value – 
Green Peas Has Been One Of The Highest Protein Containing Vegetable. In Addition To A Significant Amount Of Fibre Peas Contain Just About Every Vitamin And Mineral Human Body Needs.

Benefits of Green Peas:

Peas helps in Anti-Ageing, strong immune system as they have high levels of Antioxidants. Pea helps in Prevention of heart disease, stomach cancer, constipation & bad cholesterol.  


Beans are the seeds coming from plants called fabaceae, they are grown & eaten around the world. Along with Peas Beans are also considered as alternative of meat for veggies.

Nutritious Value – 
Beans Are Very Rich In Protein, And Have Several Essential Vitamins & Minerals. Dry Beans Are Good Source Of Complex Carbohydrates, They Also Provide Beneficial Dietary Fibres.

Benefits of Beans:

Being rich in fiber helps improve digestive system & absorbs cholesterol. 
Having low glycemic index beans helps avoiding Blood sugar level spike. 
Beans have Tons of Protein, Iron, other essential Minerals and Vitamins hence helps attain better Immune system, reduced iron deficiency, reduced chances of Heart problems.


Carrots are again one of the most popular, commonly available and consumed vegetable in World.  They are one of the Most Nutritious & Essential Part of a Balanced Diet. Carrots Can Be Eaten Raw, Cooked Or Juiced.

Nutritious Value – 
Carrot Are Having Very High Beta-Carotene, Which Can Turn Into Vitamin A In Body, Only 30~40 Grams Of Carrot Can Suffice The Day’s Vitamin A Requirement. 
Carrots Are Also Good Source Vitamin K, Fibers, Potassium

Benefits of Carrot:

Carrots are extremely beneficial for Eyes health, Vitamin A is very essential for ensuring good Eye health, this is very important as someone ages.
Boosts the immune system, carotenoids which are potent antioxidants helps body resist,  fight with various illness. Carrots improves Skin health, healing wounds, oral health, brain health.

Ensure to add decent amount of Vegetables into your daily diet and incarnate your health

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