Morning Routine

Morning routine of Healthy people

Your morning sets up the success of your day. So many people wake up and immediately check text messages, emails, and social media. I use my first hour awake for my morning routine of breakfast and meditation to prepare myself. Caroline Ghosn

There is a famous old saying the All’s Well That Ends Well, but it is equally right to say that ‘If it starts well there is higher probability of ending well’. When we talk about human health whether it is physical or mental health start of the day has significant importance, it is always recommended to follow healthy Morning routine. Physically our bodies are relaxed, dinner is well digested and stomach is empty. Mentally our mind is stress-free, limited thoughts are being generated.

Hence morning time is the best time to set the tone up for rest of the day. For the people in search of Health Incarnation morning rituals play a major role and helps us to be the most productive, joyful versions of ourselves. These morning rituals are equally important for incarnating Physical as well as Mental health.

First moments of the day are our most open and sacred. They are the bridge between dreaming and consciousness. To make positive progress in our life and feel that we are growing and expanding our horizons, one of the quickest and most effective ways to achieve expansion is to upgrade our daily habits starting with a productive morning routine. When we improve the quality of our mornings, we improve the quality of our days, and so it’s not an exaggeration to say that there’s no more important time of day than when we first wake up.

Below listed are some of the simple but very effective rituals which helps Incarnate your health:

1. Start your day with plenty of water

One of the most significant Morning routine is to have plenty of water. Water is an essential component of our body and plays a vital role in maintaining nearly all major organ systems of the body. The human body contains 2/3 water by weight. Blood, muscles, brain matter, and bones are also composed of 83%, 75%, 74%, and 22% of water, respectively.

Water flushes out toxins from body, Aids in digestion, boosts immune system, Prevents Cramps & Sprains, helps relieve and prevent headaches. One should have at least 2~3 glasses of luke warm water immediately after waking up, the more you can better it is. It can be even better if you add some lemon juice into it.

2. Get Physical

Another beneficial Morning routine is getting physical. Move your body, based upon the individual requirements and preference type of activity can be decided. This can be as simple as walking, some stretching exercise to jogging, swimming, dancing or hiking. You can follow a structured regime with practicing Yoga or can go to Gym.

It’s no wonder that some of the most productive people in the world say that exercising before they go to work is the secret to their success.

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3. Never skip your Breakfast

Studies proves that one of the most important Morning routine is to have a rich breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there is very common saying that ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. This saying holds lot of meaning and is very important to follow to be a healthy being.

Probably the most appealing benefit is that breakfast jump starts your metabolism and thus helps you burn more calories throughout the day. When you eat breakfast, body presumes that there are plenty of food coming to be consumed for the day. When someone skip breakfast, body starts conserving calories presuming that probably there will be limited incoming for the day.

It is important to have a good heavy Breakfast should be a perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein and fibre. Another important thing is that one should have Breakfast with in 1 ~2 hour of waking up, delaying breakfast is as good as skipping it.

4. Feed your Brain

As it is important to feed your body, it is equally important to feed your brain. Again, based upon the preferences, personal goals and spiritual orientation you can decide the type of feed to be given to your brain. This can be as simple as looking some motivational videos, success stories. You can review your long term personal goals and track the progress, you can also decide one thing you are going to do today for achieving your long-term goal. Or based upon your spiritual you can spend some time for Prayers, read spiritual literature this helps you positive feed to your brain.

Follow these morning routines and Incarnate your Health.

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